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Estate Sale Clean Up – Junk Hauling

Looking to remove all the old items from a house you are selling? Our expert team can clean your house for an estate sale and haul away all the unwanted junk.

Get a Clean Basement

Garrido’s Crew brings a hard working team to your Ann Arbor, Michigan home to clean up, carry out, and load out all the old items, junk, and things you will not be selling in your estate sale. We are fast and specialize in leaving a clean home.

Get your Basement Clean

We will provide a custom estimate for your estate sale clean up and junk hauling is what we do. It’s never fun to have to go through old basements full of junk, whether there was hoarding of items, or simply an accumulation of tons of stuff over many years.

Remove old junk from basement

Save yourself the aggravation and hire a professional estate clean up service. We will haul your junk and clean your house and prep for your estate sale. Our Ann Arbor, Michigan based team is easy to work with and very competitive on pricing. We offer great value in estate sale clean up and junk hauling.

Junk Hauling Ann Arbor