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Seeding & Sod

Ann Arbor Lawn Service Seeding SodAre you looking to plant a new lawn, but don’t know whether to plant grass seed or lay sod? Depending on your location, one will deliver better results than the other. Garrido’s Crew offers free quotes and will help you decide whether seeding or sod is better for you.

Seeding Benefits:

  • More grass varieties to choose from
  • Less expensive
  • Stronger root system development

Seeding Disadvantages:

  • Time is limited for seeding, late summer and early fall work best
  • Initial establishment time is longer than sodding

Sodding Benefits:

  • Instant lawn
  • Can be laid anytime during growing season
  • Better for sloping areas

Sodding Disadvantages

  • More expensive than seeding
  • Less varieties of grass to choose from

You can get additional information at Seeding and Sodding Home Lawns.

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